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I can guide you in overcoming the overwhelming with greater ease! 

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Philosophy of Care

I care passionately about delivering a standard of care and attention to detail that is rare in the modern healthcare industry.





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Learn more about your dietitian and wellness expert, Charlotte Hammond, MS, RD, LDN, CDE, RYT.





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Welcome, Existing Patients

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You-Centered Care

We reject the world of 15 minute healthcare visits. Thorough care takes time. I spend at least 60 minutes with you at your initial visit because your story takes time to tell. Telecounseling options are available for greater ease. Receive the care you need and deserve.

What to Expect

Integrative & Functional Nutrition Counseling

Stress can derail anyone's wellness goals. I will guide you in using food as medicine alongside exercise, sleep, and stress management to heal and thrive in a balanced way.

The Care I Practice

More than Calories

Many clients are seeking a weight loss solution for the long term, not just a calorie-cutting diet that results in moodiness and rebounding weight gain. Focus on habits that result in long-term health and sustainable weight loss. Learn how your metabolism works ... and succeed.

Explore Interventions

Yoga & Meditation

Reduce anxiety, build strength, and increase focus  with nurturing yoga poses and meditation techniques from a Certified Meditation Instructor and Registered Yoga Teacher. Address pain, fatigue, anxiety, and digestive difficulty with greater ease and effectiveness.

Breathe In

Mindful Eating & Mindfulness

As part of your care, you may apply mindfulness to your mealtimes, breathing, and more. Mindful eating practices develop intuitive portion control while helping one to find greater ease and enjoyment in every day eating, supporting healthy choices and weight loss.

Learn More about Mindfulness

Real Time Support

When you email Eating with Ease with a question or concern, your dietitian will respond as quickly as possible and always within 2 business days. Send pictures, comments, and questions about food, feelings, symptoms, blood pressure, blood sugar, and more. Enjoy true personalized care.

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